64828: Composing feedback for Acronis Cyber Exceed (Beta Program)

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Last update: 22-04-2020

What is Acronis Cyber Exceed?

It's a Beta program that allows you to access Acronis services before anyone else and share your experience with Acronis RnD Team directly.
It gives you the power to influence how the product will look before the official release and it gives Acronis the opportunity to provide a better experience for all users.

How to take part in Beta program?

Register in Acronis Cyber Exceed program and submit issues and ideas via Acronis Cyber Exceed portal: see article 64766: Acronis Cyber Exceed portal for detailed instructions.

What is the best way to deliver your feedback?

We have two options on https://exceed.acronis.dev/ for submitting feedback:

  • Report a bug
  • Suggest a new feature or improvement

What is a Feature and what information should be provided?

You can send us any your Idea or Wish. If you see any missing important information or functionality please let us know.

Please attach a screenshot or a simple sketch that shows gaps you see in the User Interface (if applicable) or just describe the functionality you would like to see in the product.


What is a Bug and what information should be provided?

Bug is any unexpected behavior you got. It may be an unexpectedly falling operation or process or some unclear error message or any other difficulties you may get during the beta-testing.

The exact list of required information for further investigation may differ, however, the following list of reports and files usually should be enough for further investigation and fixing:


What to do if you have difficulties with collecting some of the information mentioned above?

No worries. Please submit feedback "as is" and let us know what kind of difficulties you got. We will assist with collecting the information.

How do I know if my submitted request is being worked on ?

You can check the status of your request on Acronis Cyber Exceed Portal. See Feature statuses for more information.

We appreciate all feedback that you provide. Your participation helps us make Acronis products better!