64825: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Cluster creation fails with "Command time out has expired"

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Last update: 11-06-2021


You are creating a cluster in Acronis Cyber Infrastructure. Cluster creation fails at drive preparation process start with the error:

Command time out has expired, command: ['/usr/libexec/vstorage/prepare_vstorage_drive', '/dev/sdd', '-U', 'e39efc69-4c0d-4257-8cc2-cbce1f866ea0', '-y', '--noboot', '--ssd'], timeout: 600].


Product implementation has been reworked in version 3.5, please upgrade your Acronis Cyber Infrastructure to the new version.

Starting from Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.5, the new PREPARE_DISK_MAX_TIME parameter with a default value of 1800 seconds has been implemented. This time should be enough to complete disk preparation. However, if you still need to increase the value even further, do the following:

  1. On each node, open /etc/vstorage/vstorage-ui-agent.conf for editing.
  2. Change the value of PREPARE_DISK_MAX_TIME parameter up to 1 hour.
  3. Restart vstorage-ui-agent service.

More information

The maximum recommended storage size is 16TB (see product documentation for details)