64798: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Backup plans do not run when tenant is reenabled after two weeks or more

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  1. You disabled a tenant and then enabled it again after two weeks or more passed;
  2. Backup plans do not run per schedule on the machines of this tenant. Next backup date is not recalculated. Device status shows Backup is missing and backup plan details display an error The backup service is disabled for your organization.


Issue in the product. Backup plans are not re-applied if the customer is disabled for more than 2 weeks.

This behavior will be improved in future releases of the product.


There are two possible ways to reenable the backup plans in this case:

  • Revoke and reapply the backup plans
  • Change schedule on each plan, e.g. move start time by 15 minutes, and save changes. This will trigger an update to redeploy the plans to the devices. After the update, you can change the schedule back to the original if needed