64772: Acronis Cyber Exceed portal: Feature statuses

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Last update: Tue, 2020-04-28 09:45

Features are requests for new functionality or improvement of existing functionality. 

You can see your submitted feature requests on All Requests page

Status What it means
New The feature has been submitted but has not been reviewed yet
Need more info Additional information is required before decision about this feature can be made.
Open The feature has been submitted and is under review. Product Managers may provide comments on open features to gain more information from requestors and/or to indicate why they may or may not be considering the feature for implementation.
Future consideration Feature is accepted for implementation, but availability date is not defined yet.
Planned This feature is under development and is targeted for availability in one of the future releases.
Not applicable The feature is not under consideration for our short or long term road map. 
Duplicate The same feature has been submitted in a different request.
Existing  This feature already exists in the product. 
Implemented  The feature is delivered and available in the product.