64766: Acronis Cyber Exceed portal

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    Acronis Cyber Exceed is a dedicated portal for sharing feature suggestions and reporting bugs for Acronis Cyber Protect beta. 

    See also Composing feedback for Acronis Cyber Exceed (Beta Program)

    How to register in the Acronis Cyber Exceed program

    1. Go to https://exceed.acronis.dev/servicedesk/customer/portals
    2. Click Sign up for an account. In the Sign up form, provide your email and fill in the captcha to receive a private sign-up link by email.
    3. Click the sign-up link and fill in the required information.

    How to provide feedback

    1. In Popular section, choose the product that you want to submit feedback for:

    2. Choose to report a bug or submit a feature/improvement suggestion

    3. Fill in the details and click Create

    How to access your submitted requests

    In the top right corner, click Requests - > My requests

    On My Requests page you can view your requests, check their status and access any request to view details.

    On All Requests page you can see your submitted requests as well as shared requests:

    To learn more about what feature/bug status means, see Acronis Cyber Exceed portal: feature statuses.

    If you open a feature, you can see Fix Version, which provides an estimate when this feature is planned to be implemented:

    How to comment

    There are two ways to add a comment to your request:

    • Click in Comment in this request field and type your comment; add attachments if needed

    • Reply to an email notification sent from Acronis Cyber Exceed; your reply will be automatically added as a comment to your request.

    When someone leaves a comment for your request, you will receive a notification by email. 

    If you do not want to receive updates by email, click Don't notify me inside your request: