64712: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Agent is shown under Settings - Agents tab, but resource is not available under Devices

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Last update: 05-01-2023


  1. You successfully registered an Agent (any Agent - for Windows, for Mac, for VMware, etc) 
  2. After registration, Agent is shown under Settings - Agents tab, but the resource is not available under Devices.


Acronis Development Team is investigating the issue.


  1. Check the connection from the Agent machine using Connection Verification Tool
  2. Make sure that mms service is running:
    • Windows: Win+R -> services.msc, find Acronis Managed Machine Service in the list and check the status
    • Linux: run the following command to check the status: service acronis_mms status
    • OS X: use the following command to check the status: sudo launchctl list acronis_mms
  3. In mms log (C:\ProgramData\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\MMS\mms.0.log), check that the agent is connected and authenticated, e.g.:

49696 I00000000: [ConfigMonitoringComponent][ZmqClient] CONNECTING TO tcp://au1-cloud.acronis.com:7788 ...
2020-03-21T19:49:46:253+11:00 140096704435968 I00000000: [RestApi][AgentRegistration] status: saving client info
2020-03-21T19:49:46:255+11:00 140096704435968 I00000000: [RestApi][AgentRegistration] status: saving refresh token
2020-03-21T19:49:46:257+11:00 140096704435968 I00000000: Using SecurePersistentCredentialStore.
2020-03-21T19:49:46:257+11:00 140096704435968 I00000000: Token provider enabled. IDP Address: https://au1.cloudlinuxbackup.com:443/bc
2020-03-21T19:49:46:258+11:00 140096704435968 I00000000: [RestApi][AgentRegistration] status: success.
2020-03-21T19:49:46:261+11:00 140096727549696 I00000000: [ConfigMonitoringComponent][ZmqClient] CONNECTED+AUTHENTICATED

  4. If the log shows that the connection isn't consistent (connecting, then connected, then disconnected), it mostly indicates a network issue with firewalls with traffic inspection such as Fortinet, etc. 


If there are errors on some of the above steps, troubleshoot accordingly.

More information

If the issue persists, collect Connection Verification Tool output and System report and contact Acronis Support with reference to this article