64703: Acronis Cyber Cloud: Activity fails with an error "invalid_grant", "couldn't get upstream token, failed to get upstream token provider" or "couldn't get upstream token, the agent is not registered with an upstream server"

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After Agent update, backup or another operation (e.g. replication, recovery) fails with one of the following errors:

{"domain":"Access","code":"InvalidGrant","debug":{"msg":"couldn't get upstream token, failed to get upstream token provider"},"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"couldn't get upstream token, failed to get upstream token provider"}


"Request to the cloud platform failed because the agent is not registered"


Additionally, check installation logs in C:\ProgramData\Acronis\InstallationLogs (or in InstallationLogs folder in System Report).

In Installation logs you can find messages similar to: 

Error 0x2470001: HTTP transfer error
| line: 0xcbd0886296318957
| file: e:\164\enterprise\common\http\curl_transport.cpp:418
| function: Http::Curl::CurlDetails::RequestScope::MakeError
| requestType: POST
| uri: localhost/api/mms/registration
| host: localhost
| port: 0xa8e2
| curlResult: 0x7
| $module: register_agent_vsa64_21670
| error 0x2260007: Failed to connect to localhost port 43234: Connection refused
| line: 0xcbd0886296318956
| file: e:\164\enterprise\common\http\curl_transport.cpp:417
| function: Http::Curl::CurlDetails::RequestScope::MakeError
| $module: register_agent_vsa64_21670


Problem happens if mms service experiences long start time (eg. 5 minutes) after upgrade to new agent. As s result attempt of agent registration fails and it remains unregistered and cannot obtain the necessary service role.


Register the agent manually as described in Registering Backup Client Manually.