64663: Acronis Management and Monitoring products: How do I install or activate my Acronis product license?

Last update: 14-03-2023


I am having issues installing or activating the Acronis product license that was provided to me. How do I fix this issue?


If you are installing the Acronis product license on the product version that was released before June 1, 2017 (except for the Acronis Cloud Manager product) please make sure to upgrade to the latest version of your Acronis product for the automatic activation of your license.

For the Acronis Cloud Manager automatic license activation, the following Acronis activation server address should be accessible on TCP port 8443 - https://alt.5nine.com:8443/api/validate.

In the event that either there is no connectivity to Acronis activation server (no Internet connection) in your environment OR your product has not been upgraded to the latest version, please perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Submit a case from Acronis Support Webform and attach the validation.dat file for the Acronis Cloud Manager product and activation.dat file for all other products (these files are located in the folder for each of the product's Management Servers listed below) and we will activate the license and email it back to you for installation:

    • Acronis Cloud Manager - C:\ProgramData\5nine\Licensing\OfflineValidation
    • Acronis Manager Standard - C:\ProgramData\5nine\Acronis Manager for Hyper-V\Licenses 
    • Acronis Cloud Security - C:\ProgramData\5nine\5nine Cloud Security\Licenses 
    • Acronis V2V Easy Converter - C:\ProgramData\5nine\V2V Easy Converter\Licenses 

    2. Once you have received the validation_response.dat file for the Acronis Cloud Manager product and the activated license file for all the other products, please install the license by placing the file into the following folders directly:

      • Acronis Cloud Manager - C:\ProgramData\5nine\Licensing\OfflineValidation\
      • Acronis Manager Standard - C:\ProgramData\5nine\5nine Manager for Hyper-V\Licenses
      • Acronis Cloud Security - C:\ProgramData\5nine\5nine Cloud Security\Licenses
      • Acronis V2V Easy Converter - C:\ProgramData\5nine\V2V Easy Converter\Licenses

      Note: Please ensure that the Management Service VM has Static MAC address enabled.

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