64651: Acronis Backup: Recovery with reboot fails on Gen 2 Hyper-V VMs with Secure Boot

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Last update: 25-03-2020


  1. You have a Gen2 Hyper-V VM with Secure Boot enabled. 
  2. You install Agent for Windows inside this VM and run an Entire machine backup 
  3. You attempt to recover this VM from the backup. Recovery fails with one of the following messages:

    The activity has failed because the machine has been shut down unexpectedly.

    Activity 'Recovering volumes' failed. The activity has failed due to a planned restart of the operating system.



Recovery with reboot of a Hyper-V Gen2 VM may fail if recovery is done with Agent for Windows installed inside that VM, as Secure Boot option doesn't allow Agent for Windows to boot the device in recovery mode.


You can use one of the following workarounds:

  1. Disable Secure Boot on the VM before recovery
  2. Temporarily switch Secure Boot to Microsoft UEFI Certificate Authority for the recovery:

    • Start the recovery task

    • The VM reboots, shut it down

    • Switch the Secure Boot option to Microsoft UEFI Certificate Authority and reboot. The recovery operation will proceed.

    • Shut down the VM off and change Secure Boot back to Microsoft Windows

    • Reboot the VM again, recovery will be completed