64645: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, Acronis True Image: backups deleted from Acronis Cloud storage cannot be restored

Last update: 16-05-2022

There is no recycle bin feature in Acronis Cloud storage at the moment.


An Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office/ Acronis True Image backup that you had in Acronis Cloud storage, was deleted, and you want to restore such backup.

Examples, when such situation can happen, include:

  1. Backups in Acronis Cloud are deleted automatically in 30 days after the subscription expiration date, if the subscription is not renewed (after the 30-day grace period, you receive a notification "All data in your Acronis Cloud Storage is now deleted")
  2. Accidental deletion of backups through the Delete option.
  3. Older backup versions within one backup job are deleted according to the configured backup options.
  4. Intentional deletion of the entire Acronis account and associated data in Acronis Cloud Storage.


A backup that has been deleted from Acronis Cloud cannot be recovered. Unfortunately, there is no such feature as "Recycle Bin" in Acronis Cloud yet. It may be added in the future. At the moment deleted backups are gone for good. You can always re-upload the same data under a new or old name: click Add backup in Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office/ Acronis True Image and choose Acronis Cloud as destination to create a new backup task.

    To avoid unwanted deletion of backups in Acronis Cloud, check that auto-renewal is enabled for your Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office/ Acronis True Image subscription:

    1. Search your email inbox for invoice for your Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office/ Acronis True Image purchase.
    2. Follow the included link for managing your subscription.
    3. If your subscription is not set for auto-renewal, you will see the link "Reactivate". To ensure your backups are always available, click the link "Reactivate" and confirm the subscription reactivation. Example, how such links look like, is given at https://kb.acronis.com/content/59634