64583: Acronis Cloud Security: How can I ensure that Acronis Cloud Security is operating correctly?

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Last update: Tue, 2020-04-07 05:01


I want to ensure that Acronis Cloud Security is operating correctly. How do I do that?


In the Acronis Cloud Security Management Console:

  • Check the license status by clicking Help->About and verify Installation Date/VMs in License/Expiration Date/Activation Status
  • Click the Host in the tree view and select the Host State Tab - make sure all the Acronis components say OK in the Status column
  • Perform Internal Events Audit from the management console itself:
    • View > Internal Events Audit - filter by Result=Failed
    • Go to Settings > Antivirus - review update status for the Hyper-V hosts
    • Review Settings > IDS > Updates (if you selected the IDS check box to install it at Host Management Installation Stage)
  • To make sure that all the services network connections are operating correctly, you can execute the following PowerShell commands:
    • From Acronis Management Server:
      • Test-NetConnection HyperVServerName -port 8533
      • Test-NetConnection HyperVServerName -port 8788
    • From Hyper-V Server to Acronis Management Server:
      • Test-NetConnection AcronisManagementServerName -port 8183
      • Test-NetConnection AcronisManagementServerName -port 8534
      • Test-NetConnection AcronisManagementServerName -port 8790
      • Test-NetConnection AcronisManagementServerName -port 8939
      • Test-NetConnection AcronisManagementServerName -port 8789

Note: Please make sure that you've rebooted the Hyper-V hosts after the installation