64577: Acronis Cloud Security: How do I set up the Acronis Cloud Security SCVMM Compliance Extension?

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Last update: Tue, 2020-04-07 05:01


My environment is running under the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) with enabled SCVMM-based logical switches and it is necessary for me to get those switches in a compliant state with the Acronis Cloud Security filtering extension. How do I do that?


Upon installation of the Acronis Cloud Security Network Manager Plugin, perform the following steps on your SCVMM server to complete the Acronis Cloud Security Network Manager Plugin configuration and get it in a compliant state: 

  1. Using the Acronis Cloud Security for Hyper-V single setup application, install the Acronis SCVMM compliance plugin onto the SCVMM server:
    • Select the "SCVMM compliance extension" item
  2. Restart the SCVMM service on the SCVMM server:
    • Make sure you start the SCVMM management console with the administrative privileges ("Run as Administrator")
  3. Go to Settings - Configuration Providers:
    • Check that "Acronis Cloud Security Network Management Provider" is present in the configuration providers list
  4. Create Network Service in the SCVMM:
    • Go to Fabric - Networking - Network Service - right click Add Network Service
    • Name the network service (e.g. 'Cloud Security Filtering Service')
    • Select the Acronis Software, Inc - CloudSecurity Manager
    • Enter the credentials - the best way is to add current domain user account that has all the necessary permissions
      • Connection string: localhost
      • Host group: check 'All Hosts'
  5. Go to Fabric - Networking - Logical Switches:
    • Right-click on the logical switch - Properties
    • Select Extensions
    • Check the box against the new 'Acronis Cloud Security Filtering extension'
    • Click OK
  6. Check that logical switch extensions order in the SCVMM console and the Hyper-V manager match or each Hyper-V host. Alter the order if necessary by using the Move UP/Move Down buttons.
  7. Go to Fabric - Networking - Logical Switches:
    • select "Hosts" on the main pane
    • Select logical switches that are in the Not Compliant state
    • Remediate the Not Compliant logical switches
    • Wait until the state of logical switches become Compliant 

Note: You may have to refresh the hosts that do not run the Acronis Cloud Security Host Management Service (in the event that you have those in your environment) once the remediation action is completed to get the logical switches to a compliant state on such hosts.