64559: Acronis Cloud Security: How do I add an user in Acronis Cloud Security?

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Last update: Tue, 2020-04-07 05:01


I want to add a new user in Acronis Cloud Security. How do I do that?


User management is found in the following drop down menu, Settings>Users Management:


  • To add a user, click Add, and then enter the user parameters in the following dialog box. 

  • Select tenant: The list content depends on how many tenants had been previously created. Global Group represents global user group membership and it’s always present in the list.


  • Select the user type:
    • Custom user: This option lets you create custom users independently from the Active Directory (AD). This user type is used only within the Acronis Cloud Security product to identify permissions. If you’re working in a mixed environment, you should always select this option. You can set any name and password you chose for this user type.
    • Windows user: This option applies to a single domain environment only and available only for Global Group membership. The user must exist in the AD. 
  • Enter the user name in the Name field:
    • For Custom user type, enter a name (for example Admin). This name will not interfere with any of your Windows and/or AD user names even if the naming convention is the same.
    • For Windows user type, enter the domain user name registered in the AD. You can enter the user name in the DOMAIN\User format or just the name without specifying the domain (the proper domain will be added automatically).
  • Set the password for the Custom user type in the Password field.
  • Click OK to complete the operation. The newly added user will display in the Select User dialog box.