64514: Acronis Cloud Manager: What are the best practices to configure access during the installation of Management Service, Host Agent and Management Console components for Acronis Manager Datacenter?

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Last update: 07-04-2020


I want to configure the access during installation of Management Service, Host Agent and Management Console components using best practices to avoid any access related issues in the future with Acronis Manager Datacenter. How do I do that?


Management Service Setup

1. Select the user that will run the Management Service:

Recommended best practice is to select the User option and enter either the local or domain user credentials depending upon the environment in which the Management Service is being installed. This credential will be the default credential that will be used by the Management console and the Host Management Service components.

If you select the Local system option, all the Hosts must be added to the Management Console with custom credentials.

Note: Management Service component should be installed on a dedicated physical host(s) or VM(s) that meet the CPU and memory criteria outlined in the Getting Started Guide, and do not have other 3rd party software(s) that may consume system resources or interfere with the Acronis Management Service component.

2. Select the database server and the authentication method:

  • Select the database server from the list. If there is no database server detected by the installer, please type it manually (this could happen if the SQL Server Browser service is not running). The default port is 1433. If your SQL server uses a different port, please specify this port using the following format: SQLSERVER, 1433 (port number). For example, if the SQL server hostname is SQLSRV and it uses port 1435 instead of standard 1433, please specify the following string into the Database Server field: SQLSRV, 1435
  • Select the authentication method:
    • Windows authentication - select if the user has the necessary permissions on the selected SQL Server
    • SQL authentication - select the credentials that was used to set up the SQL Server account (sa)

Note: If Local system was selected as an account to run the Management Service, SQL authentication is the only option that can be selected.

3. Specify the RabbitMQ configuration parameters:

4. Enter administrator’s credentials to connect to Management Console. The default credential is admin/admin for the administrator’s username and password. It is strongly recommended that alternate credentials be selected.

Host Agent setup

The host agent is installed automatically on a Hyper-V server when it is added to the objects tree in the Management Console. If there are any specific conditions or issues, you can also install it manually by selecting the third option in the Acronis Manager Datacenter bootstrap setup.

The following dialog box will appear:

Note: Provide the same RabbitMQ configuration parameters and the credentials for both RabbitMQ and the agent service account that were created in the Management Service set up.

Login to Management Console 

After Management Console is started, please enter credentials by selecting User Type Custom User: