64505: Acronis Cloud Security: How do I collect usage statistics from Acronis Cloud Security?

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Last update: Tue, 2020-04-07 04:59


I want to collect usage statistics from Acronis Cloud Security. How do I do that?


Acronis Cloud Security has Usage Statistics feature that allows a user to collect and export usage statistics by tenants on a per-month basis which can be exported as a non-editable .dat file. To collect, review and export usage statistics, go to Help> Collect Usage Statistics

In the Usage Statistic window, select the required year and month and click the Show button to display the data. Information available in statistics are VM name, Tenant, User, Feature Name, Start and end time of the feature that has been enabled on a VM. Lower row displays the total per each feature.

Click the Export button to save data into a non-editable .dat file and export to an external folder.