64475: Acronis Cloud Manager: How do I perform Hyper-V Replication in Acronis Manager Datacenter?

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Last update: Tue, 2020-04-07 04:59


I want to perform a Hyper-V Replication using Acronis Manager Datacenter? How do I do that?

Short Description

Hyper-V Replica allows virtual machines (VMs) running at a primary site to be efficiently replicated to a secondary location (Replica site) across a WAN link. Primary and Replica servers must be on Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 at a minimum.



To take advantage of the Hyper-V Replica, the following pre-requisites must be met:

  • Hardware that supports the Hyper-V Role on the Windows Server
  • Sufficient storage on both the Primary and Replica servers to host the files used by virtualized workloads
  • Network connectivity between the locations hosting the Primary and Replica servers
  • Properly configured firewall rules to permit replication between the Primary and Replica sites
  • An X.509v3 certificate to support Mutual Authentication with certificates (if desired or needed)

Host Replication Settings: Replication settings is a part of the Host Settings. Please setup the replication settings if a Hyper-V host is supposed to be used as a replica server.

Configure the following settings:

  • Enable this computer as a Replica server – mark this option to set the current Hyper-V host as a replica server.
  • Authentication and ports:
    • Use Kerberos (HTTP) – this authentication option uses Kerberos authentication protocol via HTTP port 80 (default).
    • Use certificate-based Authentication (HTTPS) – this authentication method uses the pre- installed certificate and works via HTTPS port 443 (default). Press the Select Certificate button to choose the pre-installed certificate on the current Hyper-V host.
  • Authorization and library:
    • Allow replication from any authenticated server - Any Hyper-V host that is set as a replica server in the environment will be allowed to send the Replica files. Specify the default location by typing or browsing to the folder that will store the Replica files.
    • Allow replication from the specified server - Only specified Hyper-V hosts will be allowed to send Replica files. Click Add, Modify or Remove authorized server to the list.

1. To start the VM replications, select a VM and press Replicate button in the toolbar.


2. VM replication wizard will be shown. Select replica server where you want the VM replicated from the list and press Next

3. Define connection settings. Here you can choose Kerberos or Certificate based authentication (if it is defined in host replication settings) and enable data compression. Press Next.

4. By default, all virtual disks are replicated. If necessary, please deselect the Replicate all virtual hard disks option and press Next.

5. Define additional replication options:

  • Replication frequency
  • Recovery points
  • Schedule re-synchronization
  • Initial replication options.

6. Check Summary and press Finish to start VM replication.