64436: Acronis Cloud Security: How do I add a tenant in Acronis Cloud Security?

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Last update: Tue, 2020-04-07 04:59


I want to add a tenant in Acronis Cloud Security. How do I do that?


1. To add the new tenant, right-click Tenants>Add Tenant.

2. When the New Tenant dialog box opens, select Common tab and enter name for the new tenant.

3. Click Add and select the virtual machines (VMs) that are assigned for the new tenant in the Select VMs dialog box, and then click OK.

Note: You can filter the VMs in the objects tree by the characters in the VM's names. Those VMs that have been pre-selected will not be filtered off the tree even if they do not match the filtering criteria. Click OK

4. To remove VM(s), either deselect it in the Select VMs dialog box or select the Remove button in the New Tenant dialog box. 

5. Click OK in the New Tenant dialog box to apply the changes. 

6. Check and alter tenant permissions as necessary in the Tenant Permissions tab.

Here you can chose the security permissions that are allowed under a tenant. 

Default permissions - This option is selected by default and includes all of the security permissions. Default settings can be changed by Right-clicking on Tenants>Edit Tenants Permissions and selecting the permissions to be allowed under a tenantClick OK.

Specify manually - This option allows you to manually select permissions for a tenant.