64433: Acronis Cloud Security: How do I edit a tenant in Acronis Cloud Security?

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Last update: Tue, 2020-04-07 04:59


I want to edit a tenant in Acronis Cloud Security. How do I do that?


To edit a tenant, right-click the tenant name in the object tree and select from the following options:
Edit members - Use this menu item to edit tenant membership. You can perform similar actions as described in the adding a tenant article (see Related Information below - How do I add a tenant in Acronis Cloud Security?) to add or remove virtual machines (VMs) to/from the current tenant. 

Another way to edit tenant membership is to do it directly on the Members tab. To edit tenant membership, select the target tenant in the object tree on the left, and then click the Edit Members button on the Members tab. In the Edit members list window, select the necessary VMs to assign them to the tenant or deselect them to remove from it. 

Note: You can filter the VMs in the objects tree by the characters in the VM's names. Those VMs that have been pre-selected will not be filtered off the tree even if they do not match the filtering criteria. Click OK

Edit users and permissions - Right-click on the tenant from the object tree and select edit users and permissions. The users assigned for the tenant will be able to see and perform operations on virtual machines assigned to this tenant only.

Remove - Use this menu item to remove the selected tenant. You will be asked to confirm the operation.