64406: Acronis Cloud Manager: How do I create a virtual machine from a template in Acronis Manager Datacenter?

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Last update: Tue, 2020-04-07 04:59


I want to create a new virtual machine (VM) from a template in Acronis Manager Datacenter. How do I do that?


To create a new VM from a template, select a Hyper-V host and press Create VM button in the toolbar. 

1. Select the source for the new VM and press Create VM from VM template.

2. Specify Guest Options.

3. Specify the VM's identity.

4. Define the basic virtual CPU parameters.

5. Define the NUMA parameters if necessary.

6. Specify the amount of memory needed and dynamic memory options.

7. Define network configuration for this VM.

8. Enable hardware acceleration options.

9. Define the advanced network parameters.

10. Define the SDN if applicable.

11. Define Automatic Actions if necessary.

12. Review the summary information. If everything is correct press Finish to create a VM from a template.