64361: Acronis Cloud Manager: How do I create logical view grouping in Acronis Manager Datacenter?  

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Last update: Tue, 2020-04-07 04:59


I want to create logical view grouping in Acronis Manager Datacenter. How do I do that?


Logical view grouping allows administrators to combine multiple related resources into a single, logical tree through categorization and grouping in the Management Console. This feature lets users effectively manage, monitor and optimize operations by providing fast, easy access to relevant resources while maintaining strict role-based access controls.


To set up logical view grouping, you have to create categories and groups using Administration plugin.

Create Categories

1. Click Create Category button and configure the new category parameters using Add Category Wizard.

There are three object types (Cluster, Host and Virtual Machine) you can select to be associated with the category you create. You can select a single or multiple object types in a category.

2. Click Next, review summary and click Finish to complete the wizard.

You will find the new category you have created in the object tree which you can edit by changing the Name, Description and object types (Cluster, Host and Virtual Machine) field. 

Add Groups to a Category:

1. Select the category and click the Add Group button.

2. Select the name and description for the group that will be displayed in your customized logical view. Click Next.

3. Review summary and click Finish to add the group to a category.

Assign objects to the group:

From Hyper-V Management plugin, you are able to assign objects to the group in accordance with its settings and availability (example here is for Cluster) from Cluster Settings. This is done in the object’s settings – Categories section, which appears in the same way in cluster, host and virtual machine settings: 

Your object will appear in a configured group in the logical view tab: