64322: Acronis Cloud Manager: How can I test connectivity to my SQL database?

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Last update: 29-04-2020


How can I test connectivity to my SQL database?


One simple method of testing connectivity to your database is with a UDL file.

1. Create a new text file.

2. Rename the file extension from .TXT to .UDL.

3. Double click the UDL file to launch the Data Link Properties page. In the Connection tab:

  1. Enter your SQL Server name.
  2. Select 'Windows NT' if using Windows authentication. If using SQL authentication select 'Use a specific username and password' and enter your credentials.
  3. Optionally select the 5nineManagerDatacenter database.

Once complete click 'Test Connection'.

4. If the connection is successful the following popup will be displayed:

If the connection fails please make sure your credentials are correct and no firewall is blocking communications (default SQL port of 1433 should be open).