64313: Acronis Cloud Manager: How do I see my Azure Virtual machines in Cloud Manager?

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Last update: 28-04-2020


How do I add my Azure subscription and Manage my Azure VMs inside Acronis Cloud Manager?


To add your Azure subscription to Cloud Manager you will need your Tenant, Application Id, and Application secret.

To begin. Click the 'Add subscription' button inside the 'Azure Management' window.

This will open the 'Summary' window.

Click the 'View app registrations on Microsoft Azure Portal' link.

Note: At this stage, you will need to log in with the Azure account that has the desired subscription on it.

This will open the 'App registrations' blade on Azure.

Click the '+ New application registration' button.

This will open the 'Create' side blade

Name: Something relevant and self-explanatory (eg. Acronis Cloud Manager)

Note: Take a note of the name as it will be needed later.

Application Type: Web app / API

Sign-on URL: This must start with 'https://' then followed by another relevant title (one word). (eg. AcronisCM)

Click create once you're happy with the details.

Now you have created your app.

Note: Time to create the application will vary depending on the region.

From here you will be able to see your Application ID. Make a note of this.

Click 'Settings'

 Once the 'Settings' blade open click on 'Keys'

This will Open the 'Keys' blade.

Key description: Self-explanatory as to what the key will be used for (eg. AcronisCM)

Note: Key description must be lower than 16 characters.

Duration: Never Expires

Click Save

Once you've saved your key will be automatically generated. This will be used for the 'Application Secret' section in Acronis Cloud Manager.

Note: The key cannot be retrieved after this initial page. MAKE A NOTE OF IT.

Now you've fully set up your application and retrieved your 'Application ID' and 'Application Secret' (The key that's been generated).

To retrieve 'Tenant';

Click 'Azure Active Directory' in the side blade.

Note: If you can't see 'Azure Active Directory' in your side blade you can search and find it from there.

From here you will be able to see your Tenant ID in the overview 'blade'.

Take a note of this. It will be used for specifying your tenant inside Acronis Cloud Manager.

The last stage is to link the newly created app to the desired Azure subscription.

Start by searching 'Subscriptions' in the Azure portal.

Click 'Subscriptions'

Select the desired subscription

Click 'Access Control (IAM)'  on the side 'blade'

Click the add symbol (+)

The 'Add Permissions' 'sideblade' opens;

Role: Contributor

Assign Access to: Leave this default

Select: The name of your newly created application.

Click on your application and click save

Now the application has been set up and tied to the subscription. It is now ready to be added to Acronis Cloud Manager.

Open Acronis Cloud Manager

Click 'Azure Management'

Click 'Add Subscription'

Add the information outlined in this guide.

Click Next.

Select your desired subscription you want to manage


Your Azure VMs are now appearing in Acronis Cloud Manager

You won't be able to manage your Azure VMs yet. They will be out of license. Acronis Cloud Manager comes with 5 free Azure VM licenses. You will be able to apply these to your Azure VMs.

Click 'Configure Licensing' in the Azure Management tab.

Click Add in the 'Configure' window and select the VMs you want your license applied to.

Click Ok and OK again to complete the process.