64283: Acronis Cloud Manager: Replicating Hyper-V VMs into Azure

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Last update: 07-04-2020


This article will explain how to replicate your Hyper-V VMs into Azure. It is split into two sections:

  • Azure Portal Prerequisites.
  • Cloud Manager Setup.

Before starting please make sure you have added your Azure Subscription in Cloud Manager:

Click here to view the guide


  • Acronis Cloud Manager Edition

Azure Portal Prerequisites

In this section, you will set up a Recovery services vault, define your Site Recovery Infrastructure, add storage and a virtual network.

For further reading on these steps please see the Microsoft article “Prepare Azure resources for disaster recovery of on-premise machines”

Click here to view the article

1. Visit the Recovery services vault section and select Create recovery services vault:

2. Enter a Name and select your Subscription, Resource Group & Region. Once all information has been entered click Create:

3. Go to your newly created Recovery Services vault then Site Recovery Infrastructure > Hyper-V site > Create Hyper-V Site. Give your Hyper-V site a name and click OK:

4. Once your Site has been created you must add your Hyper-V Hosts. Visit Recovery Services vault > Site Recovery Infrastructure > Hyper-V Host > Add Server. Download the installer and vault registration key. The installer should be executed on each Hyper-V server you are replicating from and pointed to your vault registration key:

Note: If running Server Core you may need to complete the following, taken from https://adinermie.com/using-asr-standalone-hyper-v-host-configured-cluster

After successful installation of the Azure Site Recovery Provider, the next step was to register the Provider with the target Recovery Services Vault. That is accomplished with the following command:

Path: c:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Provider

DRConfigurator.exe /R /FriendlyName <friendly name of the server> /Credentials <path of the credentials file>


5. Add storage to your vault if required. Create a resource > Storage > Storage account - blob, file, table, queue. In this example we have picked v1 Storage in West Europe. Your exact settings will depend on your setup and preference:

6. If a virtual network is required you can set this up from Create a resource > Networking > Virtual network.

Cloud Manager Setup

With the Azure steps complete you can now configure replication in Cloud Manager.

1. Select Azure Management followed by Replication Management. You will see your subscription and vault as shown below:

2. With your subscription selected click Replicate Hyper-V VM.

3. Select your Recovery vault and Hyper-V site. These should match up with the vault and site you created earlier. Click Next when complete.

4. Select your Storage account and Virtual network. Click Next when complete.

5. Select the virtual machines you are wanting to replicate to Azure and click Next.

6. For each virtual machine select the Default OS type of Windows or Linux. Click Next when complete.

7. Define the Replication Settings and click Finish.

You have now enabled replication from your Hyper-V VMs into Azure. The Cloud Manager Replication Management tab will list all virtual machines replicating to Azure and their current status: