64274: Acronis Cloud Manager: I get an error when trying to login to Cloud Manager

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Last update: 07-04-2020


This article covers common troubleshooting steps when you are unable to login to Acronis Cloud Manager.


  • Acronis Cloud Manager Edition


Confirm the error message received when attempting to log in. The most common are listed below.


You have entered wrong login or password.

This message indicates the credentials are incorrect. There are three login types available.

1. Current Windows User. The credentials of the current windows user will be used to authenticate with Cloud Manager. If you normally login this way confirm you are logged into Windows with your normal account or try using the Domain Windows Users.

2. Domain Windows User. Allows you to manually type in the username and password of a Domain Windows User. If you log in this way try typing in the credentials again. Make sure Login is correct and your Windows password has not changed.

3. Custom User. This option uses accounts created directly in Cloud Manager. If you use this option make sure the username and password have been typed correctly.


No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

This message indicates the Management Server exists but cannot be contacted. Confirm the following.

1. The address listed in the Management Service Hostname or IP field is correct.

2. The virtual or physical machine acting as your Management Server is powered on.

3. Your Management Server responds on port 16080. You can use PowerShell to confirm this:

Test-NetConnection computer_name -Port 16080

TcpTestSucceeded should return True.

4. If it does not return true confirm that the Management Service on your Management Server (name Acronis.Management.Service) is started. If not, start the service, confirm it remains running after 30 seconds, then login to the console again.

5. If you still cannot connect, restart the Management Service if possible, and confirm no other environmental changes have occured such as Firewall. If you have a console installed locally to the Management Server, you also attempt a login directly using this local console.