64259: Acronis Cloud Security: What is the purpose of the Management Servers list in Cloud Security?

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Last update: Tue, 2020-04-07 04:59


This article explains the purpose of the Management Servers list in Cloud Security and when it should be used.


  • Cloud Security for Hyper-V
  • Cloud Security for SDNv2


By default, your Management Servers list is likely to be blank. This is fine, in a simple setup with a single Management Server it should not be added to this list.

To check your current setup click on Settings > Management Server list as shown below:



When would the Management Servers List be used?

If you are configuring disaster recovery then you can define additional Cloud Security management servers.

  • click Add and enter the FQDN or IP of the additional management server(s).
  • Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to define the order. The server listed at the top can be considered the primary.

More information can be found in the Cloud Security Getting Started Guide Disaster Recovery section.