64235: Acronis Cloud Manager: Creating Categories & Groups

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Last update: 07-04-2020


This article contains all steps on how to Create Categories & Groups within Acronis Cloud Manager. 


  • Acronis Cloud Manager Edition

  • Acronis Cloud Manager Free Edition

Quick Steps

  • Step 1: In the Administration tab, select "Categories"

  • Step 2: Select "Create Category"

  • Step 3: Name this Category (i.e. Virtual Machines)

  • Step 4: Select the Object Type (Cluster, Host and Virtual Machine)

The main point is to enable certain object types that will be allowed to be associated with this category. There are three object types – Cluster, Host and Virtual Machine. It is up to you whether allow all of them or just some or one in any category. Category availability will be then appearing accordingly.

  • Step 5: Select the Category and click the Add Group button

Now that you completed the above steps, you can assign objects to the group in accordance with its settings/availability. This is done in the object’s settings – Categories section, which appears in the same way in cluster, host and virtual machine settings.

Congratulations you have just completed Creating Categories & Groups using Acronis Cloud Manager!