64229: Acronis Cloud Manager: Creating a Template

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Last update: 07-04-2020


This article contains all steps on how to Create a Template within Acronis Cloud Manager. 


  • Acronis Cloud Manager Edition

  • Acronis Cloud Manager Free Edition


Quick Steps

  • Step 1: Select the Virtual Machine you want to create a template of in the console and click the "Template" option

  • Step 2: Choose type of template you want to perform

System Preparation operation will apply Microsoft System Preparation Tool to the guest OS of the virtual machine. SysPrep will remove unique information from your guest Windows installation

  • Step 3: Name the template and select the Datastore where you want to store the Template

  • Step 4: Review your options and click finish to create the template 

Congratulations you have just completed Creating a Template using Acronis Cloud Manager!