64226: Acronis Cloud Manager: Creating a Virtual Machine

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Last update: 07-04-2020


This article contains all steps on how to Create a Virtual Machine within Acronis Cloud Manager. With this article you will be able to complete creating a VM via:

- New Blank VM

- From a VM Template


  • Acronis Cloud Manager Edition

  • Acronis Cloud Manager Free Edition

Pre-Requisites Links 

Quick Steps

  • Step 1: Select the Host and click "Create VM"

  • Step 2: Select the source - either Create a new blank VM or use a VM Template

  • Step 3: Specify Virtual Machine Identity

In the Identity tab, you can specify the name, notes, OS Version, storage and if the VM is to be part of a Cluster. For Generation Type, select either Gen1 or Gen2. Once a virtual machine has been created, you cannot change the Generation Type

  • Step 4: Define Category and Group to display VM in logical view

  • Step 5: Define Processor parameters

In the Processor tab, you can specify the number of virtual processors, set resource controls and set compatibility to improve performance with different processors versions. 

  • Step 6: Specify Memory options

In the Memory Tab, you can specify the amount of memory to allocate to the virtual machine including enabling Dynamic Memory and reserving buffer sizes.

  • Step 7: Disk Configuration. Connect and manage SCSI adapters, Virtual Disk and DVD Drives

  • Step 8: Define Network Adapters Configuration

  • Step 9: Specify O/S installation options

You have 2 options, Install an operating system later which will leave the VM blank or install an operating system from a bootable source such as DVD drive or by specifying the location of an ISO file in the Datastore

  • Step 10: Automatic Actions. Configure these Virtual Machine Start/Stop actions as required 

Congratulations you have just completed Creating a Virtual Machine using Acronis Cloud Manager!