64214: Acronis Cloud Manager: Creating Tenants, Roles & Users

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Last update: 07-04-2020


This article contains all steps on how to Create Tenants, Roles & Users within Acronis Cloud Manager. 


  • Acronis Cloud Manager Edition

  • Acronis Cloud Manager Free Edition (Limited)

Quick Steps - Tenants

  • Step 1: Open the Administration menu, select Tenants and click Create Tenant

  • Step 2: Define Tenant Name and Description 

  • Step 3: In Administrators, create a new user or select a user from your Active Directory

  • Step 4: In Resources, add the associated objects with the tenant

  • Step 5: In Summary, review the details and click finish to create the tenant

Quick Steps - Roles

  • Step 1: Open the Administration menu, select Roles and click Role

  • Step 2: Define Role Name and Description 

  • Step 3: In Resource Type, go through each operation and enable necessary permissions

Roles combine granular permissions into the named groups. There is a set of granular permissions for each object type: Cluster, Host & Virtual Machine

  • Step 4: Click Save Changes to save permissions for relevant Role

Quick Steps - Users

  • Step 1: Open the Administration menu, select Users tab and click Create User

  • Step 2: Define User type: Custom User, Windows User of Active Directory User

  • Step 3: In Resources and Roles, check the "Use Advanced Resource Based Permissions"

  • Step 4: Apply the required role & resources for this user account

  • Step 5: Click Finish to create the new user account. 

Congratulations you have just completed Creating Tenants, Roles & Users using Acronis Cloud Manager!