64142: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: releasing node from cluster fails with "Unable to send message to any node in ABGW cluster"

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Last update: 02-06-2020


On attempt to release a node from ACI cluster the error message "Unable to send message to any node in ABGW cluster"  is being observed:


Issue in the product.


The issue is permanently fixed in scope of ACI 3.5.1.

For previous version the following workaround is possible:

  1. Gracefully (without 'Forced release' option) release all disks on the affected node manually in INFRASTRUCTURE > Nodes > <node> > Disks.
  2. Ensure that all disks on the node are in the Unassigned status and re-attempt node release.

More information

If the issue still persists, contact Acronis support for assistance.