64121: Acronis Cyber Protect: how to increase quota or extend your subscription

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Last update: 12-11-2021


The quota of protected machines/resources can be increased by purchasing additional Acronis Cyber Protect subscriptions. After registering the license, make a choice to either increase quotas or extend the subscription.

Note that the subscription period starts from the purchase date of the subscription license.


Do the following to increase your Acronis Cyber Protect subscription quota:

  1. Purchase additional Acronis Cyber Protect subscription license(s): contact your preferred Acronis reseller or buy a license online.
  2. If you purchase online, your license key will be registered automatically. In other cases, you need to register the subscription license under your account:
    • Log in to your Acronis Account with your email and password
    • Register the purchased license key: click on Add keys and specify the Acronis Cyber Protect subscription license(s) that you purchased

  3.  After registration, you will see a menu with a choice to either increase quotas or renew.

  4. If you want to protect additional machines, choose the option Increase quotas. Account will display the new quotas and new expiration date(if applicable) for the selected option.

    If you want to renew your subscription license or extend the length of the subscription, choose the Renew option

  5. Click Register to apply changes. New quota and/or expiration date will be applied

  6. If you use on-premises installation: in Management Console, go to Settings -> Licenses and press Sync to update the licensing information.

More information

In case you you applied the wrong option (increased quotas instead of extending expiration date or vice versa) or if you want to reduce the quota when registering renewal(e.g. start protecting 1 machine instead of 3) please contact Acronis Support for assistance.