64116: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: how to check which account the Agent is registered to

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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 07-02-2022


This article describes how to programmatically check which Cloud Backup Account the device is registered to and if it's registered at all.

This is useful if you have Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud software installed on the device but is not aware which account it's registered to in Cyber Protection console.

General usage

The commands should be run on the device where the Agent is installed. If you're backing up Virtual Machines using Agent for VMware, Agent for Hyper-V or Agent for Virtuozzo, run the commands on the device where Acronis agent is installed, not inside individual virtual machines.

In Windows

Open the command line utility.

Run the following command:

acropsh -m dmldump -s mms -vs "Msp::Agent::Dto::Configuration" | findstr UserName

In Linux

Use terminal to issue the following command:

acropsh -m dmldump -s mms -vs "Msp::Agent::Dto::Configuration" | grep UserName

In MacOS

Use terminal to issue the following command:

sudo /Library/Application\ Support/BackupClient/Acronis/sbin/acropsh -m dmldump -s mms -vs "Msp::Agent::Dto::Configuration" | grep UserName


Windows device registered to "MyUserName" account login

Windows device is not registered

Linux device is registered to "MyUserName" account login

MacOS device is registered to "MyUserName" account login