64103: Acronis True Image: solutions guide for Acronis account sign-in and license activation issues

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Last update: 31-05-2021


Having issues with activating your Acronis True Image license? Paid for a license or renewal, but it still says "Trial" or "Expired"? Unable to sign in? This articles gives instructions how to fix that.


  • The program shows "Trial" or "Expired" although you have a paid version
  • Unable to sign in to Acronis account
  • Message about "too many activations"
  • License key (serial number) is not accepted
  • Unable to activate Acronis True Image license

Troubleshooting guide/index

Solutions in this list are provided from more popular to less popular. It is likely that you will not need to go through the entire list to get the issue resolved.
  1. Standard license ("one-time purchase", or "perpetual") owners: have you tried the "offline activation method"? It does not require a second computer, nor does it need you to go offline, nor use phone.
  2. Check if there is a problem with SSL/TLS certificate as per https://kb.acronis.com/content/63358 and if yes, re-import GoDaddy certificate, as instructed.
  3. Remove the lines with "Acronis" from the 'hosts' file as explained here.
  4. Want to move Acronis license to a new computer? Check here for instructions.
  5. Getting "Too many activations" message? The license is not void! It is easy to re-activate it:
    1. Owners of Standard license, also known as "perpetual" or non-subscription, one-time purchase, "no Cloud", "local-only backup": solution for Windows users, solution for Mac users.
    2. Owners of Advanced or Premium licenses, also known as "Subscription" license: deactivate the license at https://account.acronis.com/ as explained here, and then re-login in Acronis True Image.
  6. The program asks for an older/earlier version key?
    1. If you never had it and are upgrading from a free/pre-installed/OEM Acronis True Image, check here.
    2. If you had an earlier version of Acronis True Image, check if the requested key is already registered under your Acronis account at https://account.acronis.com. Click on the computer icon to see the registered key.
    3. Not sure which one of the earlier keys to enter? Any key that does not have "Subscription", "Cloud", "Advanced" or "Premium" in its name will work.
  7. Subscription license owners: if you are not logged into Acronis account in the software, sign in under the Account tab or in the login form at startup.
  8. Register the license at https://account.acronis.com as explained here.
  9. Sign in with the same email address, as where your license is registered:
    1. Not sure if your license is registered under an Acronis account? Follow these instructions.
    2. Need to recover your Acronis account password? Click here.
    3. Licenses, purchased/renewed at Acronis website, are automatically registered to the email address from the purchase order. Have the serial number, but forgot which of your several email addresses did you indicate in the purchase form? Enter the serial number at https://www.acronis.com/my/remind/ and we will send an email to the respective of your email addresses.
    4. Lost your serial number/license key? Search your email inbox for "Acronis", "Cleverbridge", "DigitalRiver" or "noreply@account.acronis.com". Note, that when renewing a subscription, a new key is not issued, the old is used instead. More on recovering the license key here.
    5. Standard license ("one-time purchase", or "perpetual") owners: want to move the license to a different Acronis account? Follow instructions here.
    6. Sign out from Acronis account in the software, and sign in with the email address, where the license is registered.
  10. Standard license ("one-time purchase", or "perpetual") owners: try activating your license before login to Acronis account in the product:
    1. If you are not logged in yet:
      1. Close the login form
      2. Click Enter serial number, click Activate
    2. If you are logged in already:
      1. Click on your email address under the Account tab, select Sign out.
      2. Click Enter serial number, click Activate
  11. Have you bought a second 1-computer subscription, wanting to use Acronis True Image on two computers? Check the upgrade offer to 3-computers as per https://kb.acronis.com/content/60197, because there is no 2-computer subscription. Available tiers are 1, 3 and 5 computers, but not 2. The recently bought 1-computer license can be used to extend subscription period, as explained here.
  12. Configure firewall to allow connection to Acronis license activation servers, see pp.2,3 here.
  13. Is your license key shorter than 64 symbols? See instructions here.
  14. Activation of a subscription license requires Internet connection. A non-subscription license can be activated offline.
  15. Download the latest installation file from https://account.acronis.com as explained here, launch it and run Update or Repair.
  16. Install all available system updates for your Windows/Mac.
  17. Are you upgrading from an earlier paid or free edition of Acronis True Image? Enter your new key first in the license activation window, and only then enter the older key (if exists).
  18. Have you typed manually each character of the license key? To avoid possible typos, see if you can copy-paste the entire license key from your Acronis account. Click the computer icon to reveal the key on the web page.
  19. Do you want Acronis True Image on more than 5 computers? One Acronis account is limited by 5 seats maximum. Create a new Acronis account and move the license(s) accordingly. Or, consider moving to the business line of products: Acronis Cyber Backup, which doesn't have that limit.
  20. Reboot your network router.
  21. Download and run the patch "Prefer IPv4 over IPv6 in prefix policies" from Microsoft.