63929: Acronis Cyber Backup: appliance deployment or VM backup fails with "Failed to obtain server object 'guest.hostName'"

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Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) deployment via web console (Devices->Add->VMware ESXi) OR VMware ESXi VM backup fails with:

Error code: 5439510
Fields: {"$module":"esx_srv_vsa64_14800"}
Message: Failed to find registered virtual machine.
Error code: 5439610
Fields: {"$module":"esx_srv_vsa64_14800"}
Message: Failed to obtain server object 'guest.hostName' (1).
Error code: 5439784
Fields: {"$module":"esx_srv_vsa64_14800","fault":"MethodFault"}
Message: Method has failed.


Acronis Virtual Appliance failed to retrieve information from the ESXi host vSphere infrastructure because host management interface did not respond properly to standard API requests.

The typical symptom of this condition is inability to access the Managed Object Browser interface at http://[ESXi_host_IP_or_hostname]/mob which indicates issues on ESXi host side.


Reboot the ESX(i) host.