63890: Acronis Backup Cloud: Office 365 cloud-to-cloud backup is in 'backing up' status for many hours

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You have created a backup plan of Office 365 data to be performed by a cloud agent (cloud-to-cloud backup).

You notice that backup is in the 'backing up' status for many hours.


GUI issue. The backup is in the 'queued' status and has not started yet.

You can check that in the properties on the backup plan:

  1. In Backup Management Console, navigate to Devices -> Microsoft Office 365.
  2. Select an affected item and click Details -> All properties.
  3. Check the status field. It is 'enqueued'.


Acronis development team is working on the issue, it will be fixed in future updates.

The backup will start when this resource reaches the top of the queue.

More information

Backup of Office 365 resources with an agent installed in Acronis cloud (cloud-to-cloud backup) requires resources, which are shared among all clients, workload on these resources is spread in time (enqueued) to ensure stable performance.