63885: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: How to reduce memory allocation for Elasticsearch

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Last update: Fri, 2020-05-01 06:16

How to reduce memory allocated to Catalog service


Elasticsearch is a search engine used for Catalog service. By default, 50% of RAM is allocated for heap size during installation.

This article explains how to reduce the heap size for Elasticsearch in case it consumes too many resources.

Please keep in mind the following limitations:
1. Catalog performance could be impacted if huge amount of data is indexed in catalog and not enough memory is allocated to Elasticsearch. 
2. It is not advised to allocate more than 50% of the available RAM or 31GB whichever is higher.


Do the following on the Windows machine where catalog service is installed:

  1. Launch Command Prompt (Win + R -> cmd) and navigate to the Elasticsearch installation path, default being C:\Program Files\Acronis\ElasticSearch\elasticsearch-2.4.0\bin
  2. Run the command service.bat manager in command line. This will open the Elasticsearch manager GUI:

  3.  Go to Java tab -> Java Options section and change the –Xms and –Xmx values to the same value with new memory size:

    E.g.: If you want to set the heap size to 1GB then change the values to –Xms1g and –Xmx1g

  4. Open Windows services and restart elasticsearch-service.