63819: Acronis True Image: issues after datacenter update

A recent software update was initiated at a data center that contains Online Dashboard components of the Acronis True Image service, which led to the re-indexing of service data on the servers.
This re-indexing modified the backup plan script in Acronis True Image, leading to the incorrect interpretation of backup settings in the product. While this incident only affected internal Acronis True Image files, it may have led to issues with some backups creating .metadata files and with backup settings returning to program default values.

These issues have been fixed on Online Dashboard servers. 

Below are the issues that you may have faced after this datacenter update and instructions on how to remedy them.

 Some backups using .tib format started creating .metadata files along with ordinary .tib files

1. Symptoms: One or more files with "metadata" extension appeared in the folder where previously only .tib files were present. Backups created after first "metadata" file appeared are not available in Version list for recovery.

  Solution: If you faced this issue, see this KB article for solution:  Acronis True Image: local backups are not available for recovery if "metadata" file appears in the backup destination


Some backup settings were returned to program default values

2. Symptoms: When editing an existing backup plan via Online Dashboard, you see that nothing is selected in Items to back up section and you need to select the items to back up again.

  Solution: this issue has been fixed on Acronis servers. No actions are required from your part.

3. Symptoms: When you create a backup plan via Online Dashboard, disk backups are created on disk C: instead of specified destination.

  Solution: this issue has been fixed on Acronis servers. Please edit your backup plans and specify the required destination. If you need the backups that were created on disk C: follow the procedure below to relocate them to the necessary destination. Otherwise, you can delete them after a new backup is created in the correct destination.


4Symptoms: When editing a backup plan, backup options that you select are not saved.


Backup options for an existing backups are changed randomly.


You notice that a backup destination is filled with backups. When you check the backup options, you notice that cleanup rules are not set.


Scheduled backups do not run. When you check the backup options, you notice that backup is not scheduled.


You selected full backup method, so that only full backups are created. You notice that incremental backups are created instead of full ones.

Solution: This issue has been fixed on Acronis Online Dashboard servers.

Please note that the fix prevents the issue from reoccurring but cannot fix already changed backup options. Please edit your backup tasks and configure correct backup options, such as scheduling, backup scheme, e-mail notifications, etc.