63816: Acronis Cyber Cloud: how to check major product version installed in your data center

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You want to know which major version is deployed in the data center you are using. For example, you want to know if the most recent version has already been released there.

You checked in About of the Management console, but couldn't find out.


Check it with an API call:

1. Log in at https://cloud.acronis.com

2. Copy the URL with the name of the datacenter (for example, https://eu-cloud.acronis.com) and add:


If you are using a REST API client (Postman, Advanced REST client, etc.), call the following GET:
GET https://<your data center>.acronis.com/api/2/versions

Example output:
{"components": [{"name": "account-server","version": "5.10.1529"},{"name": "account-database","version": "5.10.1529"}],"application": {"name": "Acronis Platform","version": "8.0","edition": "Cloud"}}

Look at "version" in "application".