63772: Acronis Cyber Backup for Plesk/cPanel: mounting backups located on SMB share fails

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You have created a WebCP backup plan with an SMB share as destination. Later, you have changed destination to another SMB share and specified another credentials.

Mounting a recovery point in cPanel fails with:

Failed to mount the recovery point

When checking MMS.log on the agent, you see the following entries:

2019-11-21T07:04:02:285+11:00 140331408668416 I00000000: Webcp: mount slice '\\share/Acronis/archive.tibx' pit=1574267894 ctid=0
2019-11-21T07:04:02:309+11:00 140331408668416 E02BF0003: Error 0x2bf0003: Error in method 'mount'
| trace level: error
| line: 0xb2e614f62459072c
| file: e:/368/enterprise/applications/webcp/addon/tasks.cpp:256
| function: StateExec
| $module: webcp_agent_lxa64_12960
| error 0x2bf000d: Unable to resolve creeds for slice 'smb://share/Acronis/archive.tibx'.
| line: 0xa8d94240fce455dc
| file: e:/368/enterprise/applications/webcp/addon/addon.cpp:803
| function: ResolveCredentialsForSlice
| $module: webcp_agent_lxa64_12960
2019-11-21T07:04:02:309+11:00 140331408668416 E02BF0005: Error 0x2bf0005: Unable to resolve creeds for slice 'smb://share/Acronis/archive.tibx'.
| trace level: error
| line: 0xb2e614f624590669
| file: e:/368/enterprise/applications/webcp/addon/tasks.cpp:61
| function: DoExecute
| $module: webcp_agent_lxa64_12960


Issue in the product.


This issue has been fixed in Acronis Cyber Backup 8.0

As workaround for older versions, recover from the Cyber Protection console.