63761: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: how to activate SPLA license

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Last update: Tue, 2020-10-06 21:58

Step-by-step Guide on Activating SPLA Licensing with Acronis Cyber Infrastructure and Acronis Cyber Cloud.

1. In Acronis Cyber Cloud, navigate the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure:

2. In Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, navigate to Settings -> Licenses, select Use SPLA from drop-down menu:

If Use SPLA option is not available, please contact your account manager at Acronis.

3. In the newly opened window, select the Acronis Data Center assigned to your Acronis Cyber Cloud tenant and click ACTIVATE. To find out which data center you should select, under “Where will my data be?” check the data center your data is being backed up into on the Acronis Cloud Data Centers webpage.

4. A new page will be opened and you will have to provide the login credentials for your main administrative account in Acronis Cyber Cloud.
5. After logging in, confirm that you accept the End-User License Agreement and Acronis Licensing Policy and click End trial and Start using SPLA:

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure cluster is now successfully added to your Acronis Cyber Cloud account and you can monitor its usage by navigating to Settings -> Licenses and going to the Acronis Cyber Cloud Management Portal.

To track the usage of your Acronis Cyber Infrastructure clusters and the usage of your tenants, go to Overview -> Usage -> Cyber Infrastructure -> Clusters. Data is collected every 4 hours.