63758: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: How to disable "Sign in as current Windows user" option on backup console login page

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Last update: 28-09-2020


This article explains how to disable the option to sign in as a current Windows user when connecting to Acronis Backup Management Console.


Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5:

Do the following on the machine with Management Server:

1. If Active Protection plan is applied to the machine, temporarily disable the Self-protection feature to allow modifying the configuration files;

2. Launch Notepad as administrator and open the file C:\Program Files\Acronis\AccountServer\account_server.json for editing,

3. Find the lines

"connectors": [
    { "type": "sspi", "name": "1 Windows Integrated Logon" },
    { "type": "local", "name": "2 Form-based"  }

Delete the following line

{ "type": "sspi", "name": "1 Windows Integrated Logon" },

and save changes to the file.

4. Restart Acronis services on the machine:

  • Acronis Management Server Service;
  • Acronis Service Manager Service;
  • Acronis ZeroMQ Gateway Service.

5. Reactivate Self-protection, if you disabled it at step 1.

After you make these changes, console will only offer the option to enter user name and password:

Acronis Cyber Protect 15:

Follow instructions from the User Guide (section "To disable the Sign in as the current Windows user option")