63752: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: deleting archives from cloud storage fails with "The file is read-only"

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Last update: 15-04-2020


You want to delete backups from cloud storage. Operation fails with this error message:

Error code: 219
Module: 161
LineInfo: 0x0B320396ADFE3D39
Fields: {"IsReturnCode":"1","$module":"disk_bundle_vsa64_******"}
Message: Failed to delete the archives.
Error code: 7
Module: 4
LineInfo: 0x60CCAC0523AC0F48
Fields: {"Name":"ARCHIVE_NAME.tibx","$module":"archive3_adapter_vsa64_******","PcsCode":"36"}
Message: Error occurred while opening the file.
Error code: 12
Module: 4
LineInfo: 0xC8D8731CE106FA29
Fields: {"$module":"archive3_adapter_vsa64_*******"}
Message: The file is read-only.


Cloud Storage quota was set to 0 or Cloud Backup offering item was disabled.

Disabling quota or offering item makes Agent's cloud certificate read-only. With a read-only certificate, retention jobs cannot be performed, thus deleting archive(s) failed.


Use one of these methods:

  1. Logged as corresponding backup user, delete archive(s) in Web Restore Console.
  2. Or temporary increase cloud storage quota and delete backups:
    1. In account management panel, increase the Cloud Storage quota and wait up to 10 min.
    2. Switch to Cyber Protection console by clicking Manage service.
    3. To renew the cloud certificate, run backup to cloud on any machine (it can be canceled once it's at least >5% of progress).
    4. Navigate to the Backup storage tab. Select the backups you want to delete and select the machine from previous step in the Machine to browse from: list.
    5. Delete archives while browsing it from that device/Agent.