63668: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Backup to a managed location fails with "The specified user name or password for remote resource is incorrect" when multiple machines are backed up simultaneously

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Last update: Fri, 2020-05-01 06:16


  1. You have a Storage Node with a managed vault;
  2. You set up a backup plan to back up 60+ machines to this managed vault. 
  3. Backup fails with the following message:

The specified user name or password for remote resource 'bsp://...' is incorrect. Check the user name and password and retype them.


Incorrect error message.

If you are backing up a large number of machines (60 and more), this error appears in case when the number of connections to Storage Node is exceeded.


Verify that the correct credentials are specified in the backup plan.

If credentials are correct, increase the number of simultaneous connections for Acronis Storage Node where the issue occurs:

  1. Open Windows Registry: Start -> search -> regedit
  2. Navigate to the following key:


  3. Change the the following values:
    • BackupQueueLimit : increase from 50 to the number larger than the number of machines in backup plan (e.g. if you are backing up 98 machines, set the value to 100)

    • ClientConnectionLimit from 10 to 50

  4. Restart Acronis Storage Node service.

As a simpler workaround, you can select smaller number of machines within one backup plan.