63550: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Virtual Appliance backup fails with "Cannot find GXT item type 'mms::disk::disk'."

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Last update: Fri, 2020-05-01 06:16


1. You deploy Acronis Virtual Appliance to a ESXi host and it appears in the Devices list in Cyber Protection console.

2. You apply a backup plan to Acronis Virtual Appliance. 

3. Backup of Virtual Appliance fails with a 'Failed to execute the command. Resolving items to back up' error containing these messages:

| error 0xf90004: ASYNC: Unidentified job.
| line: 0xd9612b4aaebb8e3f
| file: k:/3602/enterprise/common/async/base_job.cpp:40
| function: Describe
| $module: agent_protection_addon_glxa64_3602
| error 0xf90004: ASYNC: Lazy barrier action job.
| line: 0x9174396a01b27ce4
| file: k:/3602/enterprise/common/async/lazy_barrier.cpp:242
| function: Describe
| $module: agent_protection_addon_glxa64_3602
| error 0x14b0015: Cannot find GXT item type 'mms::disk::disk'.
| line: 0xc8f602c2d30777ab
| file: k:/3602/enterprise/managers/gtob/gxt/common/items_by_type.cpp:95
| function: GetTypeInfo
| $module: agent_protection_addon_glxa64_3602


Backup of Virtual Appliance is not supported.


Starting with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 8.0, backup plan cannot be applied to Virtual Appliance. 

As a workaround before version 8.0, if you want to get rid of "failed" device status, do the following:

  • Revoke backup plan from affected Virtual Appliance
  • Redeploy Virtual Appliance