63538: Onboarding Service for Acronis Cyber Backup - Terms and Conditions

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Last update: Wed, 2020-10-21 16:05

Onboarding Service for Acronis Cyber Backup ("Service") allows Customer ("You" or "Customer") to schedule a live 1:1 phone call and a remote desktop session with a priority support engineer. During this call you will get personalized help installing Acronis Cyber Backup, guiding you through the product options and configuring a backup plan to best meet your needs.


By purchasing the Service you agree to the following terms:

  • The Service is available for the following editions of Acronis Cyber Backup 15:

Onboarding Service for Acronis Cyber Backup Standard Acronis Cyber Backup 15 Standard Workstation,
Acronis Cyber Backup 15 Standard Server,
Acronis Cyber Backup 15 Standard Virtual Host,
Acronis Cyber Backup 15 Standard Windows Server Essentials



or find a reseller

*The service is provided only in English

Onboarding Service for Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced

Acronis Cyber Backup 15 Advanced Workstation,
Acronis Cyber Backup 15 Advanced Server,
Acronis Cyber Backup 15 Advanced Virtual Host
Acronis Cyber Backup 15 Advanced Universal



or find a reseller

*The service is provided only in English


  • One Service fee is valid for one setup session on a single machine.
  • Your computer must meet the software and system requirements
  • You must have sufficient space on the destination storage to perform a backup.
  • You must have access to your computer, the target storage device, and a quality telephone connection that can accept inbound calls.
  • Acronis Cyber Backup installation file must be downloaded before the session (the latest product build can be found in your Acronis Account).
  • Blank physical media (CD, DVD or USB flash drive) must be prepared in advance if you want to create a rescue bootable media.
  • Please make sure you have enough time for the session (the approximate duration is one hour for Standard and 1,5 hours for Advanced Service).
  • The maximum number of Service units that can be registered under the same account is 5. For larger environments, please refer to Acronis Professional Services.
  • The Service must be used within 365 days of purchase.


What is included in the Service

Feature  Onboarding Service for Acronis Cyber Backup Standard  Onboarding Service for Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced
Phone call and 1 remote session with a Priority Support Engineer for guidance through the setup

Approximate service duration



The Service is available 24x7 and supplied in English only

1 Acronis Management Server installation and configuration, including system setting, on 1 machine

Agent installation on 1 client machine (Windows, Linux, macOS, ESXi, or Hyper-V)

1 agent

2 agents to show local and remote installation

Agents for applications installation (SQL, Exchange, or Active Directory)

License assignment and activation

Configuration and launch of the backup plan according to the best practices

Application (AD, SQL, Exchange, Office 365) backup setup and configuration (includes explanation of all backup and restore levels)

Replication mini-plans (explanation and configuration)


Storage node installation and managed location configuration


Backup to tape configuration (i.e. tape device connection and detection, 1 tape inventory, pool creation, plan creation, plan start)


Deduplication setup according to the best practices


Reports setup


Follow-up mail with the session summary and best practices for future product usage

*Available only in English.


What is not included in the Service

Installation of an agent on second (or additional) machines


Presence of the Support engineer until the backup is completed


Any other operation other than installation and the list in the table above
(Recovery, special operations with virtual machines, etc.)



Additional assistance

The computer system (including operating system version), the network, and the storage device of the Customer must meet current system requirements. In case that any technical problems appear in the course of installation, they will be resolved during the session. If further investigation is needed, the session will be continued as soon as the problem is completely fixed.

If our support team can’t assist you with a successful installation of the product or backup configuration, Acronis may refund the Onboarding Service fee and/or the product purchase price.