63536: Acronis Cyber Cloud for WHMCS: How to setup specific Storage in Configurable Options Group

Applicable to:

  • Acronis Cyber Cloud module for WHMCS v2.0

When you create a Configurable Options Group, in common case you don’t need to specify the Infrastructure Component ID for storage explicitly (e.g. 2ad49a42-3099-4711-a080-551089ffe3ac) as it is automatically fetched from the template during provisioning.

But there are several scenarios when this might be required:

  • When you setup Configurable Options Group for a Partner-type product
  • When you’d like to sell an additional storage that is not enabled in the template, but available in the Acronis Cyber Cloud

Follow the instructions below to specify a particular storage in Configurable Options Group:

1. Login to Management portal to obtain Infrastructure Component ID from the Acronis Cyber Cloud.

2. Go to Settings > Locations, click on required storage and copy ID.

3. In WHMCS admin area, navigate to Products/Services > Configurable Options Groups.

4. Click Edit for required storage option, for example Cloud Storage, and insert the ID into the Option Name field following the syntax:

In result, the specified storage with Infrastructure Component ID 61172e9f-4a67-4ee6-8c9c-324d07646582 will be provisioning for a client on attempt to purchase this Cloud Storage option.