63448: Acronis True Image: .tibx backups in Cloud

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Last update: 18-05-2021


Acronis True Image 2020 introduced a new backup format - .tibx, which is even more reliable and convenient. The .tibx format is used for disk backups created to internal drives, external drives, network storage. 

Backups in Acronis Cloud

Although new backup plans to Acronis Cloud storage created with the 2020 and newer versions of the software will create .tibx backups, they will remain functionally the same. The new backup format only adds a feature to replicate local backups to Acronis Cloud: Windows, Mac. The change to .tibx is seamless from the user perspective and only means even better stability, reliability and performance.

Backups in Acronis Cloud use a special "Always-incremental" scheme, not available for local backups. Always-incremental backup will upload a full backup only once, all subsequent runs will produce incremental backups, uploading only changes since the last backup. Always-incremental backup stores all backup versions in a single .tibx file in Acronis Cloud.

If you want to delete some backup versions in order to free up space on the Cloud storage, see Acronis True Image: how to delete backups in Acronis Cloud and free up Cloud storage space.