63441: Acronis True Image 2020: tib and tibx backup format usage

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When does Acronis True Image 2020 create .tib and when .tibx?

Backup format is automatically chosen according to the following rules and cannot be set by the end user:

.tibx (new format)

New backups of the following types are created in .tibx format:

  • Entire PC
  • Entire Mac
  • Disks and partitions (both PC and Mac)

except for:

  • Nonstop backups
  • Backups in Acronis Secure Zone
  • Backups, that were originally created with a pre-2020 version of the software, and continued with the version 2020.

.tib (old format)

  • If you installed Acronis True Image 2020 on top of an earlier version of Acronis True Image, existing backups will continue to be created in the .tib format.
  • Files and folders backups to any destination, except for Acronis Cloud, are always made in .tib format, regardless of whether it is a new or old backup plan.
  • When you use "Add existing backup" feature and add a .tib file, then click "Reconfigure", the resulting backup task will produce .tib files.
  • Backups in Acronis Secure Zone are always created in .tib format
  • Nonstop backups are created as a .tib file and a set of auxiliary files.

Can I still use previously created backups?

Yes. Acronis True Image 2020 fully supports backups in .tib format. It is not obligatory to move to .tibx. Whether your Acronis True Image backups are in .tib or .tibx format, you can rely on them equally.