63431: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: how to download ISO

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Last update: 24-06-2021

When installing a new node, make sure that its version matches the version of the entire cluster. Otherwise, you won't be able to add a new node to the cluster without updating the whole environment.

To realize the currently installed Acronis Cyber Infrastructure version on cluster, navigate to Settings - Updates and refer to the "Current version" column.

Direct links for downloading Acronis Cyber Infrastructure:

The latest version - https://download.acronis.com/vstorage/releases/acronis-cyber-infrastructure.iso

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.6 - https://download.acronis.com/vstorage/releases/4.6/x86_64/iso/acronis-cy...

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.5 - https://download.acronis.com/vstorage/releases/4.5/x86_64/iso/acronis-cy...

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.0 - https://download.acronis.com/vstorage/releases/4.0/x86_64/iso/acronis-cy...

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.5 - https://download.acronis.com/vstorage/releases/3.5/x86_64/iso/acronis-cyber-infrastructure.iso

Acronis Cyber Cloud

You want to install Acronis Cyber Infrastructure to build up your own storage for Acronis Cyber Cloud.

This option is available if Partner-owned backup storage offering item is enabled for a partner tenant by an upper-level administrator.

To download the installation ISO of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure:

  1. Log in to Management portal at https://cloud.acronis.com
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Locations.
  3. Click Add backup storage.
  4. Click Download ISO.

Follow installation guidelines.