63408: Acronis Cyber Backup: Activity fails with "Data error (cyclic redundancy check)"

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Backup or another activity (e.g. retention rules) fails with the following message:

Windows error: (0x80070017) Data error (cyclic redundancy check)



The most common reason is a physical error on the target drive.


1. Check error details to see which disk causes the error: it is listed after path:

E.g. in the error log example above, the issue appears on disk H:.

2. Check the affected partition for errors and repair them. You can Windows native Check Disk utility or diagnostic tools provided by your hardware manufacturer.

3. If errors and bad blocks remain after fixing the disk with Check Disk or hardware manufacturer's tools, consider replacing the faulty hardware.

If the disk shows no errors but the issue persist, please collect system information on the affected machine (see Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud: Collecting System Report, Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 and 12: Collecting System Information) and contact Acronis Customer Central with a reference to this article.